Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6 Days til The Big Apple!!!

Hey everyone! I'm back with more pictures and to update you with what I've been sewing.  Today was a bit chilly, but I guess it's better then the winter weather we had. I'm still ready for Summer! 

I'm so excited because I'm leaving for New York on Monday! I have been there once before and it was a total blast! I'm ready to go back :) I'll make sure I take tons of pictures so everyone can see what we did while we were there. 

Here are a couple purses I have been working on for my Etsy Showcase. The first one is my favorite, it's so versatile. It's perfect for a dressy or casual look and it could match either black or brown! I love the how the button adds the perfect finishing touch to this purse.

This green purse reminds me of Summer! It's so brightly colored and has a handmade fabric flower that gives it a chic and trendy feel. What do you think?

I also made some potholders. They kind of have a cottage look because of the colors. The quilting adds a special touch to them, but also makes them more durable.

There are a few of my latest creations. Thanks so much for stopping by. Leave me a comment and let me know you visited :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Running with Scissors and Thread

Okay, I'm going to be overwhelming everyone with pictures in this post! I've been sewing like a mad-woman lately, and I've gotten so many things done I want to show you! I have this addiction to sewing where once I start a purse, I feel like it needs to be finished that day. So I've pretty much been attached to my sewing machine the past three days, and I LOVE it =) Each of these purses are in my Etsy Shop too!

Here is my pride and joy! I loved this fabric when I saw it, and I wanted to come up with a unique design for it. I put loops that the coordinating striped fabric could go through, and I think it turned out so cute! I love the decorative trim on each loop and the pleats under them! I think it really gives the purse character. 

Here's another trendy purse, and I think the chic fabric flower with the button really adds an extra touch to it. I love the size of it, and most of all how the black and pink offset each other so well. What do you think?

After these two purses, I had to change it up a bit and make a wristlet! I love the hounds-tooth fabric. It's a classic and can be worn for so many occasions. I love how the button coordinates so well with the look of the wristlet.

...And we're going back to purses! This is such a cute, casual purse that reminds me of Summer! I love the flower print down the sides. It's so unique because you can either close it with the cute button, or use the drawstrings to cinch the top. 

 You can check out my Etsy Shop to take a closer look at each of these purses, too! 

Here's a purse I made for a customer who wanted navy and tan together. I think the colors turned out beautifully together and the lace was the perfect choice for an accent! It's a very pretty quilted purse.

And last but not least, here is the finished order of wristlets for a bride who is going to give them as gifts to her bridesmaids! I thought that was a really fun idea! I made them in her wedding colors, which is a beach theme in turquoise and champagne. What do you think?

Here are two of them up close. I love the colors together and the decorative trim on each one makes them look so stylish! If your interested in one of them, I do have pictures of each of them up close I can send to you!

Well, thank you very much for looking around! I'll be parked at my sewing machine all day tomorrow most likely, so I'm sure I'll have some new things to post soon! I'm working on some hot pads right now and they are looking good so far. I figured with Mother's Day coming up, they would be a cute gift for someone. I'll see you back soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in the Stitch of Things!

Well, I'm finally finished up with my classes so now I'll have more free time on my hands! I'm anxious to get sewing again. I was actually so excited to get started that even though I was really tired when I got home from my last class today, I just had to make something, so I finished up an order of wristlets =) I'll post pictures tomorrow of them and a couple purses I've got done here and there. I don't have them uploaded on my computer yet.

However, I can show you guys this purse I finished up over Easter weekend! I think it turned out very cute! I love the ribbon and flower accent. They coordinate so well and really make the purse stunning!

I think the pleats add an extra touch to it! Also, if anyone is like me and usually has so much to carry in their purse, it's perfect! I think its a good size, big enough to fit everything but not overly huge. The dimensions are:

Width at top: 11"
Width at bottom: 14"
Length: 15"
Strap: 25"

There is a little more information on it at my Etsy shop, which is here.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Also, make sure to check back because I'm going to be posting the other purses I made either tomorrow or Wednesday. I can't wait for everyone to see the summer colored pink and green one I'll be posting!

Thanks for looking =)