Sunday, May 2, 2010

I went Nuts in New York :)

I'm baaaaack! It's been awhile since I've been on here again. We went to NYC last week and it was AMAZING!! Our hotel right in the middle of Times Square, so we were so close to everything and the view of all of the lights at night was awesome. 
Of course I did some major shopping, and some sight-seeing too. I loved visiting China Town, Little Italy, and SoHo. Some of the boutiques in SoHo were a little expensive, but the clothes were so different and fun to just look at. This dress was made out of newspaper! I thought it was so cool!

We ate at Max Brenners one night, and if you ever go to New York it's definitely a must-try. There are so many deserts you can pick from and they are soo good, not to mention they look really neat!

We also saw so many little stores with trimmings and fabric in! I wanted to go in every single one, but there was so much else to do that we didn't have a lot of time to browse through them. I did take some pictures though so you can see how much there was!

And here's where I got the title for this blog! There was a three story Toys-R-Us that had this little stuffed peanut in, and I thought it was so cute! Here's a picture of my mom and I holding it. The Toys-R-Us was HUGE. It had a ferris wheel in it even, but my mom wouldn't ride it with me :( haha

Here's a couple of the other pictures we took on the trip. We didn't get tons because it rained the first day we were there so we didn't get the camera out a lot.

Now, here's a couple of wristlets I was working on before and after New York. These first four are for the prom candidates at my high school. I made them formal looking in neutral colors so they would hopefully match whatever color dress they had. What do you think??

I love how the shiny material makes them stand out even more!

Here are a couple I have been working on for Farmers Markets and to set up at booths. I love how well the colors go together in both of them. I was so excited when I got them finished! You can see more photos and a better description of them in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for looking around! :) Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by to visit!


  1. Looks like a fun trip!

    Love all your things that you can make! I'm so not creative like that!

    Stopping by to welcome you to SITS! Hope that you are enjoying it!

  2. Great pics! I love the newspaper dress!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  3. I have that sammee peanut!! hehe!! :)

  4. Would you ever be interested in selling your peanut? I have a very good reason for asking, I searched all over the web trying to replace it, and your blog is the only real hit I got.