Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fabric Frenzy

I just had to share this cute little coin purse that was made to match the purse in my last post. This one is going in an order to someone who requested the purse.

The inside of it matches the purse too! It closes with a magnetic snap and it's the perfect size for holding credit cards in. You can put the ones you use the most in here and have easy access to them when needed!

I'm in the process of making another coin purse to coordinate with the purse so check back to see it!

Other than the coin/credit card purse, I have also been wandering around fabric shops! :) Hehe. I could spend hours picking out coordinating fabrics and imagining what they could be together. Here is my latest purchase. I absolutely love the spring colors and how well they coordinate. I can't wait to see them sewn together and finished. Check back to see the finished purses soon!


  1. Cute! I got my grandmother's sewing machine this year and have no clue how to sew. I'm afraid I'll sew my finger.

    Thanks for the follow!

  2. Hey, Miss Beautie. Thanks for following along on my journey. I thought I'd stop by and say hi.

    I love your "Itch to Stitch"! My mom is a talented seamstress, but everything I've tried to create looks the same -- stupid! lol

    Your coin purse is adorable -- great colors and patterns. I'll have to check out your etsy sight. :)


  3. Ohhh.... I could totally get into your blog. I love to sew! I can't wait to check out more. I'll be sure to check out your etsy store as well. I spend way too much money there already so one more purchase can't hurt, right? :)

  4. I just found your blog through SITS and think your purses are very cute! I have a fashion and beauty blog and would love for you to visit sometime!