Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break! Two Days til' I'm off to Gatlinburg, TN :)

Sorry it's been forever since I posted. I have been busy organizing all my stuff that I'm moving home, and I have A LOT of stuff :) Mainly just clothes, but a girl can never have to many clothes :) Here's a pic of my room while I was in the moving process. It was hard to get motivated to unpack and organize all of this.
There were even more boxes in the hallway that were FULL of things!! I don't like to throw anything away usually. My mom helped me and I made her break some things just so I had to throw them away. I must say my room looks much better now :)
 I'm planning on doing some decorating to match so I'll post pictures to show you the completed project!

Even though I've been busy with all of this, I haven't stopped sewing! Here is my latest purse order made for a friend. She wanted a summer purse and I think it turned out as exactly that! I love the bright summer prints and she was so excited because she could wear it with so many outfits! 
I think the wooden button goes perfectly with the prints and colors on the purse and really goes with the Summer theme.

I also have an order for five wristlets I'm working on right now. They are so much fun to make!! I've had so much fun picking out cute fabrics and colors to go together!! Here's the first one I have finished. What do you think??

I love how the decorative ribbon sparkles. I think it really makes the contrast of the turquoise and black look good! I'll keep you updated on the next four I make. 

I'm leaving for Gatlinburg, TN on Monday so I won't be on here for awhile but I would love to come back to your comments on what you think about the purse and wristlet!! Thanks for stopping in! :)


  1. Love, love, love the purse! And I agree that the wood button is perfect. Good luck with your trip; I love Gatlinburg. You won't be too far from my neck of the woods down in Charlotte, NC. Safe Travels!

  2. omg - I love that purse you made for your friend. I'm going to have to keep that in mind...I may have to order one from you!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi. I really appreciate it!
    Have a good time on your spring break - I decided to stay home this year and I've already been through two - TWO snowstorms! ack! I should have gone to California....

  3. Your work is lovely! I'm impressed with your room too! Happy Trails - London

  4. i found you thru 6 degrees of blogging.. a fun little blog hop i created. You were featured on this blog...

    and your purses are adorable!! so glad i found you!! I blog over at

    If you're ever up for allowing me to giveaway one of your purses on my blog (for some free advertising for you) let me know!! ;)

  5. Megan your things are lovely! I will have to add you to my faves on Etsy! lol ox