Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Furry Friends!

Hello everyone! It definitely feels like it has been forever since I've been on here. I haven't got much sewing done either :( I'm taking STNA classes and they are pretty much all day, then when I get home I have homework. I haven't had much time for anything! Along with those, I've had a couple furry friends that have stolen my free time! =) They have ants in their pants with this nice weather I think. As you can see from the pictures, they are absolutely adorable! Let me know what you think :)

 This is Emma. She is about 6 months old, and LOVES to pull out embarrassing clothing items from your room and bring them into the living room where everyone is usually sitting. She's hard to get mad at though. She has the cutest face!

This is Slush, our kitty. He's not really a kitty anymore I guess. He's a big boy now! He kind of has the personality of a dog. He loves to go on walks with Emma, but only when she isn't chasing him. He also LOVES to hunt which is good!

I promise I'll have  pictures of sewing projects posted again soon. I have an order for a purse, and then 5 custom made wristlets for a bride who is using them for bridesmaids gifts! I'm so excited to start on them because I know they are going to be so cute! I can picture them in my head. I'll post pictures of them sometime soon once I get started on each order. I'm hoping this weekend I'll have more free time and be able to get back into sewing mode =)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Take all the time you need. School and homework are the priority right now. You'll have plenty of time for the blog later. Your furry friends are adorable!

  2. They are so cute! Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Society :)

  3. I agree. School is top priority! Love the name Slush!